Imperia, September 2011 

On Saturday 10th and Sunday, September 11th the awaited event with over 20 thousand black feathers from Northern Italy and nearby France will take place.

It’s an important event which will see for two days the city of Imperia hosting the Alpini and living two days of celebrations and harmony together with them.

There will be many events which will surround the gathering, one of which will be a dedicated lottery and a balcony flower decoration competition (in Calata G.B Cuneo of Oneglia), concerts and historical reconstructions.

It will all start on September 3rd with a concert at the Cavour Theatre, a musical evening for the 150th anniversary of Italy’s Unity, “Waiting for the Alpini”.

Saturday 10th will be an intense day for all the participants with reunions, parades across the city streets and a Holy Mass at the end of the day.

The evening of Saturday will host the “Alpine night”, a party with concerts and fanfares across the entire city.

Sunday will see other parades and the Alpine Lunch for all the participants, in the afternoon there will be the lottery shuffle and the ending ceremony.