Triora witches' village - Photo RdF


Just like every year there are many great and small events that constellate the province’s inland along the summer period. Here are in the following section some of the most interesting.

On August 8th along the streets of the village of Civezza from 7 PM the typical festival of August’s Full Moon will take place, a tradition that has been repeated for some years by now and that always has a significant success. Music shows and other performing arts will animate every angle of the streets and the squares for the entire night. In the meantime it will be possible to browse through the stands of the artisan flea market.

In Perinaldo, famous village for being the birthplace of the astronomer GianDomenico Cassini, it will be possible to observe shooting stars and more from the observatory.

From August 10th to the 12th there’s the Nights of the shooting stars, from 9.30 PM, an occasion for all the passionate and romantic…

From August 14th to the 19th it will be possible to observe a particular astronomical observation: “observation of Jupiter in opposition, Uranus, double stars, star masses and nebulous”. For information, please visit the website
The village of Badalucco in the Argentina Valley offers an interesting gastronomical appointment, from August 14th to the 15th “Invito al Vino” (an invitation to wine). In Piazza Marconi there’s a sampling of over 300 brands of wine from all of Italy, as well as sampling of typical products and live music.

In Mendatica, in the high Arroscia Valley, on August 22nd from 9 PM in the historical district of the village there will be a gastronomical itinerary with sampling of typical products of the Cucina Bianca (White Cusine), traditional ancient shepherd’s food.

The witches of Triora and their mysteries await on Sunday, August 23rd from 10 AM to guide you in a magical course through history, legend and magic in Italy’s most haunted village.

For the entire day there will be a series of events all connected to witches facing history, art, music and theatre and will give life to the “Strigora” event.