Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix - Photo ACM Monaco


Principality of Monaco, May 2011 

While waiting for the incoming marriage in July of Prince Albert I, here’s another unmissable worldly event for all the car engine passionate and more!

During the last weekend of May the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix will take place along the streets of the Principality of Monaco, one of the most intriguing and breathtaking circuits of the racing season.

It’s the shortest track of the Championship but also the most surprising as well as dangerous, according to someone, being in fact an urban circuit.

The race will take place in the afternoon of May 29th, but the stands and the teams will already be at work since the beginning of the week.

As usual, there will be a great VIP catwalk surrounding the event: athletes, gorgeous women, luxurious as well as exclusive parties aboard the yachts docked at the seaport and stylish evenings in the hottest clubs of the Principality.