<b>San Remo Casino</b> - Photo APT RdF


Sanremo, February 2011 

From February 12th to the 21st at the same time during the 61st Italian Music Festival of Sanremo a new event under the Eurochocolate brand will take place: the 2011 Sanremo Ciock ‘n’ Roll, where chocolate meets music.

Many events have been organized, there will be a “Disk Chockey” among the protagonists, using chocolate records that can be played as well as eaten!

Among the many chocolate surprises it will be possible to strike a pose inside a huge 400 Kg dark chocolate frame and get your picture taken!
All of this will take place close to the Ariston theatre and the famous catwalk where all the performing artists will show up.

Next to the Casino there will be a ChocoCasino with chocolate playing cards and Eurochocolate coins, a true delight!

For all the chocolate lovers and passionate there will be many occasions to sample chocolate of all shapes and flavors. From the Chocolate Show… Chocolate notes! To the “Sweetness makers” to the Choco-Late… Events during the day as well as the night around every corner of the City of Flowers… Ops! Of Chocolate!