La concattedrale di San Siro a Sanremo - Foto APT RdF

In the city of music and song par excellence it would be unthinkable that the arrival of the Summer would not be celebrated with a rich programme of musical events. From 21st – 25th June the 2nd annual European festival of music will be staged in Sanrremo as well as in many other cities both across Italy and throughout Europe. For four days the natural order will be Music! The whole of the city will be involved through the streets and the “piazze”, clubs, local restaurants featuring menus based on music, bars, shops with windows dressed in the theme…..all will take part. There will be thirty musical appointments as well as exhibitions and literary events. The two major events will be “Centoscattidimusica” in the “Palafiori” and “Metti una canzone in cornice” which is an opportunity for artists to display their works in the Villa Ormond. All the music events are free and you are certain to find a wide range of musical styles on the streets of Sanremo such as: pop, classical, jazz, folk, African. Medieval and easy listening. Thus, for four days, Sanremo really will be transformed into “ Citta della Musica”.