I fiori di Sanremo al Concerto di Capodanno a Vienna

On the 1st January Sanremo and Vienna celebrate the 25th year of friendship in flowers. In fact for quater of a century the small city on the Riveria has supplied the Austrian capital with floral decorations for one the world’s most famous concerts: “The New Years Day Concert”.

In order to celebrate this event in the best possible way and to increase recognition of Sanremo at an international level many initiatives will be taken.

The ‘Bouquet Sanremo’ which will be assembled in the Vienna Philamonic concert hall in fact for the festival of Italian song will be presented to the orchestra director to the first violin and to all the ladies present in the hall.

Austrian TV will be showing a documentary on the floral culture of Sanremo and on the corse followed by flowers from the producers to the customers who buy them.

Several Viennese magazines will be presenting articiles on the attractions, tourists, historic and cultural of the ‘City of Flowers’.

The concert programme will carry an illustrated insert on the flowers of Sanremo. This is a great opportunity to relaunch the city on the German market: there wiil also widespread distribution of information in the most prestigious hotels of Vienna. 2006 is to be the ‘Year of Mozart’ and Sanremo is planning to invite the city of Vienna to the festival ‘Sanremo in bloom’ in 2007.