<b>Gianna Nannini at the Tenco Prize in San Remo</b>


Running from Nov. 9th / 11th 2006, the Rassegna della canzone d’autore, held at the Ariston Theatre of Sanremo, it’s a pleasant, awaited event which has been happening for many years and always attracts a large audience. This is the kind of music not to be taken for granted, which goes beyond the standard commercial trends.

The Club Tenco has already announced which artists will be short-listed for the final ( these artists will receive the Tenco Plate for the “best songs by a songwriter”). This year, to avoid votes being lost in a mix-up, the voting will be organised in two steps, the first ( which has just been completed ), will see a group of artists being shortlisted. From this group a winner for each category will then be chosen.

Best Album : Baustelle “la malavita”, Samuele Bersani “L’aldiquà”, Vinicio Capossela “Ovunque proteggi”, Francesco De Gregori “Calypsos”, Pino Marino “Acqua Luce e gas”.

Best dialect album : Enzo Avitabile “Sacro Sud”, Lucilla Galeazzi “Amore e acciaio”, Lu “Rumi”, Nidi d’Arac “St. Rocco’s Rave”, Sud Sound System “Live and direct 2006”.

Best debut album : Simone Cristicchi “Fabbricante di canzoni”, Marco Fabi “La scelta”, Valentina Lupi “Non voglio restare Cappuccetto Rosso”, Non Voglio Che Clara “ Non Voglio Che Clara”, Simona Salis “Christionada de mei”.

Best album by a singer-non-songwriter : Roberto Angelini “Pongmoon. Sognando Nick Drake”, Peppe Barra “Matina”, Petra Magoni & Ferruccio Spinetti “Musica Nuda 2”, Giuliano Palma & the Bluebeaters “Long Playing”, Andrea Parodi “Midsummer Night in Sardinia”.

This year, The Tenco Awards 2006, which are directly given by the Club Tenco, are going to crown two very important names in the Italian and international music circuit. Two great singer- songwriters who are very different from each-other : Bruno Lauzi and Willy de Ville, a gipsy punk artist.