I carrugi di Cervo - Foto APT RdF

Great excitement like every year for one of the most exclusive and high leveled events in Imperia’s summer, from 17th until 27th August 2006, nine concert evenings starting at 09.30 p.m. will fill with beautiful music the Corallini Church, back to its magnificence after the RESTAURI. The international festival exists since 1964 from an idea of Sandor Vegh, hungarian violinist, who discovered by chance the extraordinary acoustic of the Corallini Church’s SAGRATO; today it is one of the most important international and worldwide musical summer events in Liguria.

Opening concert Monday 17th July 2006 at 09.30 p.m., Enrico Dindo, violoncellist, will play with the ensemble chamber I solisti di Pavia. Friday 21st July second date with Roberto Cappello’s piano recital, great worldwide musician. Third evening Tuesday 25th July organized in cooperation with the Lion’s Club Host of Imperia: the Guitares’ Ensemble made of three classic guitarrists: Claudio Passarotti, Manuel Merlo e Federico Calzamiglia. Friday 28th July appointment with the napoletan piano player Roberto Cominati. Monday 7th August it will be the turn of Fanny Clamagirand, a 22 year old violinist and Vanya Cohen, a 26 year old piano player, two young musicians who already participated and won many important international events. Friday 11th August (confirmation requirted) appointment with jazz again, Guido Manusardi, first italian jazzman sent to the Jazz festival of Montreux. Friday 18th August piano recital by Mihaela Ursuleasa. Tuesday 22nd August concert of the Bravissimo Vienna, an austrian brass quintet founded in 1989, five musicians with great artisthic sense. Sunday 27th August closing evening that as usual hosts two pianos, Eduard & Johannes Kutrowatz, two brothers extremely famous in the international concert scene.

In other cities of Imperia’s province, other concerts, called decentralized concerts, similar to the International Festival of Cervo will be held; here are the dates and places:

Sunday 30th July at 09.00 p.m. in Apricale

Aulos Ensemble (flutes quartet): Sonia Zichella, Paolo Squiraccini, Simone Stracka, Anela Longo (flutes), Megan Metheney (arpa).

Tuesday 1st August at 09.30 p.m. in la Pigna by the St. Thomas’ ruins

L’Orfeo Ensemble: F. Ammetto (violin), M.Massarelli (violoncel), M. Del Grosso (harpsichord).

Tuesday 8th August at 09.30 p.m. in Dolcedo

Paolo Emanuel Ferrigato (flute), Adalberto Maria Riva (piano).

Wednsday 9th August at 09.00 p.m. in Cipressa

Renate Brosch (soprano), Izabela Szlachentko ( trumpet), Michele Croese (organ).

Monday 21st August at 09.30 p.m. in Diano San Pietro

Andrea Favalessa (violoncel), Maria Semeraro (piano).