Ventimiglia, June 2007. Great events in June to best celebrate the 45th Anniversary of the Battle of Flowers, a manifestation that offers a dive into the colours and scents of flowers. The theme for 2007 will be “Myths and legend in the world” with side shows linked to the Battle. Many evenings inspired by the world of fairytales and cartoons, including music, sports, theatre, gastronomy. An introductory night show will also take place on theSaturday before the Battle, from 9.30pm, along the Lungomare Oberdan. Live bands and traditional local food won’t be missing.

The Battle will take place on Sun. 17th June, from 4pm, with hand-made waggons parading through the streets. It will have taken months of hard work by the many groups of the city to make them. The battle of carnations and other flowers will start after the first round, between waggoners and the audience.

Each waggon will be accompanied by a band, or a folk group. The day will end at the Rotonda Resentello, which will host, at 9pm, the prize-giving for the winning waggon with a following dancing night for all partecipants. The “Vetrine in Fiore” prize-giving and the choosing of the lottery prizes for the Battle of the Flowers will take place on Monday 18th.
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