Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix - Photo ACM Monaco


The Monaco Grand Prix is the most important and famous event of the Principality of Monaco. This year it will take place from the 24th to the 27th May and it will be the 65th anniversary.

The competition will take place on Sunday 27th, in the afternoon. It’s the richer and nicer competition of Formula 1 in the world.
I’t so incredible to be able to see the technology and the slowly sengle-seater while dashing among the narrow streets, palaces and sharp curves: this is all the charm of this race-track which gather lots of people coming from all the world.

Every year people can follow the drivers’ adventures. The preparation of this event starts some weeks before giving the people the possibility to admire the boxes of the casa automobilistiche.

The Monaco Grand Prix is fist of all worldliness, yachts where every evening people organise special party, shows together with VIPs who live in the Principality or coming from all the world.

During the race, people can follow the “show” seating on the terraces from where they can admire the competition and the beautiful panorama while drinking a cocktail.