Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix - Photo ACM Monaco


Montecarlo, May 2010 

Everything is ready in the Principality of Monaco to host the 68th F1 GP of Montecarlo, one of the most suggestive and thrilling races of the entire World Championship.

It’s a great event for the Principality which concentrates all the attention of the sport and gossip Media.

Surrounding the competition that will take place on May 16th, which is the only race of the World Championship that takes place on a circuit along the city streets, there will be as usual mundane parties on the yachts docked on the seaport and exclusive evenings in the Clubs which will be available only to a privileged selection of people.

All eyes will though be concentrated on who will make it through the breathtaking Montecarlo curves and will be able to celebrate the victory on Sunday evening.