Il mare della Riviera dei Fiori - Foto APT RdF

The city of Ventimiglia has always placed special importance on celebrating the feast of the Assumption, which in medieval times marked a period of festival for the inhabitants. Each year since 1970 the committee “ Agosto Medioevale”, in collaboration with the council of this city on the border, have set out to better the previous celebrations of “Ferragosto”. Included in the festivities are activities such as crossbow competitions, flag waving displays, historical processions and recreations of the era featuring authentic costumes. There is also a traditional regatta, a competition between the six districts of the city ( Auriveu, Burgu, Campu, Ciassa, Cuventu and Marina , each of which participates in a traditional Ligurian “gozzo”, or fishing boat. The six city districts compete against each other for the glory of winning the “Carbaso”, the banner which is presented to the winners. Therefore the events of August include musical performances, jesters and jugglers, dancing, summer evening concerts and tasting sessions of local delicacies.

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