Golfo Dianese, April 2007. The villages of Golfo Dianese will once more dedicate the last week-end of April, from Fri. 27th to Sun. 29th, to the Herbs and Scents of Liguria, unreplaceable ingredients of the Liguria cuisine. Golfo di Diana is the land of basil, undisputed king of the Liguria gastronomy. The Aromatics exhibition, twice a year, is the most prestigious and complete showroom for aromatic herbs, which are presented in all their various details and purposes ( gastronomy, beauty, perfumes…).
The Gulf villages (Cervo, Diano Arentino, Diano Castello, Diano Marina, Diano S.Pietro, S.Bartolomeo al Mare, Villa Faraldi) will gather around this project to enhance and promote the beauty and importance of the area and its products. There will be many events organised for the Aromatics, starting from the previous week, when the restaurants of Golfo Dianese will present special dishes, including local specialities and menus ( all guests will receive a painted plate as a gift, called “Festa di Primavera” ). A few cooking courses will also be available in Diano Marina, run by important chefs, as well as a stands promoting natural beauty through the use of herbs. Oil tasting courses will take place in Cervo ( organised by ONAOO ) with a big round table in Palazzo Viale to celebrate “Romantiche aromatiche”. The“Confraternita del Pesto” will be there to prize the best pesto and distribute it around the schools “Favola del pesto”, in order to make justice to the Liguria basil which has recently been recognised as DOP. In San Bartolomeo al Mare, in the area “Aromatica”, you will be able to taste original cocktails, as well as admire the botanic gardens. There will also be an area reserved to kids, where they will be invited to create a cartoon about aromatic herbs. Guided tours around the villages of Liguria will also be organised in Diano Castello, Diano Aretino, Diano San Pietro and Villa Faraldi, you will be able to visit both the architectural beauties and the companies where so many products are produced and then exported all over the world.

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