A play in the medieval village of Apricale - Photo


Great appointments for the month of August 2008. Just like every year, the summer inland classic is back with the Teatro della Tosse in Apricale “…e le stelle stanno a guardare” (…and the stars just look), programmed during the second week of August.

Also in Ventimiglia the traditional Medieval August is back with its costume parades, the typical regattas and many collateral events.

The City of Flowers suggests for the most vacationing of the summer months great music events in the Pigna (Historical District): rock (Rock in the Casbah on August 1st-4th), jazz (Sanremo in Jazz August 21st/23rd), and above all theatrical moments in the suggestive squares of the historical district.

Great pyrotechnical show in the night of August 14th with the “Night of Fire”.
For more information, please visit the website: www.estate.sanremomanifestazioni.com