Old bridge in Dolceacqua - Photo APT RdF


Dolceacqua, Triora, November 2007. Diabolical appointments await, in the Fall evenings and nights, for all the witchcraft and horror passionate, in Dolceacqua from September 22nd to December 12th. At the Doria Castle there’s an exhibit of 60 pieces, “Whispers”, waiting for you that will take you in the dreamlike and visionary world of Dave McKean. You will also have the chance to see several original storyboards of the Dylan Dog comic book.

Still in Dolceacqua on November 17 and 18 there’s the Comic Weekend, in which are planned several meetings with script writers, drawers and creators of horror Comic books.

On November 24 and 25 there’s the Serial Killer weekend, meetings with criminologists and writers.
In Triora, in the Argentina valley, from October 31st to the 4th of November there will be “the Madmen’s Dusk”. On the 31st of October at 5 pm there’s a children’s show in the Historical center called “Insane Alchemy”. From 5,30 pm there’s the Pumpkin Workshop (construction of musical instruments made out of pumpkins), at 9 pm there’s the “Round Dance at Dusk”, ancient ritual of celebration of fire. At 10 pm in the Historical center “Ad Mortem Festinamus”, macabre dance of the A.D. 1300. At 11 pm in the meadow “Halloween with Macbeth”, a mysterious concert…

From November 1 to November 4 a juggling, theatre and percussion Workshop will be active, organized by the Iannàtampè Association.

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