Ospedaletti, march 2008.

The town of Ospedaletti, a few miles away from Sanremo, dedicates the month of March to a vegetable… The artichoke.

Several events are inserted in a showing called CarciofOff, all dedicated to this thorny vegetable.

On March 1st there will be a meeting inside the City Council hall with Paolo Lingua and the dishes of Western Liguria, a performance of poetry and several short stories with the artichoke as main topic.

On inside the bars and restaurants that participate to the initiative “It’s time for… Artichokes” there will be once again performances of poetry and short stories on the artichoke.

On Saturday, March 15th, there’s a meeting inside the City Council Hall with Libereso Guglielmi “From the vegetable flower to spring flowers” and the presentation of the book “Olive oil Tongue” written by G. Pistone and C. Luigi Oliva.