The San Benedetto historical revival in Taggia - P


Taggia, Feb. 2007. The town of Taggia is getting ready to celebrate its Saint through a whole month of exhibitions and events. The second weekend of February, Sat. 10th and Sun. 11Th, will be entirely dedicated to the traditional feast, on Sat. night, the bonfire will lit up the many streets of Taggia and the shooting of “furgari”, from 9pm it will be compulsory to walk around the town centre of Taggia, which will come to life with fireworks and fun. Every year, thousands of people participate to this event, which has been happening since 1626 ; there will be numerous chill-out areas on the streets and the locals will offer traditional products from their cellars, ( open for the occasion ), canestrelli, fennel cookies, vegetable cakes and great local wines.

On Sunday afternoon the religious celebration and solemn procession in honour of San Benedetto Revelli. The last weekend of the month will see big events happening, starting on Sat. 24th Feb., at 10am, through the streets of the centre, themedieval markets, in the afternoon, a celebration of the great battle of 1625 will take place by the San Martino riding school, with guests from the Federazione Italiana Giuochi Storici.

Sunday 25th, at 10am, historic settings through the many streets and in the afternoon, at 4pm, parade through the Historic Centre of the Corteo Rievocazione ( XVII century ) at 5.30pm, by the Piazza Cavour, gran finale and prize-giving to the winners.