I carrugi di Cervo - Foto APT RdF

The small town of Vessalico, in Alta Valle Arroscia, is the setting every July 2nd of an historic garlic fair. The main product of the area is the high quality “ aglio rosso” , which is much sought after and very rare as only some 3,000 strings, each containing 24 heads, are produced each year. A veritable jewel! The garlic fair of Vessalico was first held in 1760, a fact attested to by the document “ Liber Decretorum “which is held to this day by the Comune. The event itself is rich in history and culture and is the major gathering of the garlic producers of the area. According to tradition the best, and most highly prized, garlic is that which is picked on 24th June, the feast of San Giovanni, when the sun is at its zenith.

All lovers of local festivals in the countryside, parties in the great outdoors in the summer months with dancing and communal feasting, cannot afford to miss out on an evening in Valloria (Prela), where every year the first weekend of July sees the celebration of the festival “A Valloria fai baldoria”. This is a fun filled and joyous occasion in the hinterland of Imperia where you can taste genuine Ligurian food accompanied by the excellent local wine, and a lot of light hearted fun. Something every visitor should do is to take a trip round the alleyways of the community where you will be able to admire the famous “ porte dipinte” on the doors. This is a true unique feature of this community.

All artists who enjoy painting “ en plein air” are invited to come along to the small town of Civezza which every year plays host to an event known as “ Estemporanea di Pittura”. The renewal of 2006, the eighth, will take place on the second Sunday of July and it is sure to attract artists from all over the world all of whom will seek to capture the feelings and the special light of the area on canvas.

From 14st July to 13st August 2006 the 23rd edition of the “ Festival of Villa Faraldi – Rassegna di Arte Musica e Teatro “ will be staged. Over the years this has become an important international event at which the works of many famous artists have been showcased. This tiny arts centre, located amongst the olives, has become a veritable haven for the “Muses” of the art world. Actors, musicians, mime artists, dancers, singers, poets, writers….all find the time to display their art and talent. This most prestigious event transforms the “piazza” of Villa Faraldi” into stages filled with stars, both Italian and international, from across the artistic spectrum.

The area of Montalto Ligure in the heart of Valle Argentina is hosting the 2nd renewal of the “Cronica Montisalti” on the 1st and 2nd of July. This is a historical pageant of medieval times with theatre shows, artisanal markets and reconstructions of the daily lives of the 11th century. There will also be a convention which is being organized in collaboration with the “ Universita degli Studi di Genova.