In Sanremo’s hinterland there is San Romolo-Monte Bignone’s natural park where it is possible to walk down ancient roads and take part to interesting lessons in the bush, organized by the Co-operative society Liguria discovering ROADS, phone no. 0183/290213.

Talking of “lessons in the bush” in October three events are expected: Sunday 15th : 1815 wolves and lynxes in San Romolo in the napoleonic period, a historic journey an important walk through by Doctor Fucini.

Sunday 22nd October: mushrooms exposition and walk in the bush. A walk to learn how to recognize mushrooms and how to pick them, in cooperation with Imperia’s Micologic Association “Bresadola”.

Sunday 29th October: short introduction to naturalistic photographie course.
In cooperation with the Fotoclub Riviera dei Fiori, a short course to learn how to look with the camera’s eyes.

All excursions begin at 09.00 in San Romolo’s Park, the length is forseen always until early afternoon, suggested outfit/equipment: trekking shoes, lunchbag, water – bottle, pullover and jacket. All activities are free and they will be also in case of bad wheather, reservation is not necessary.