For Sanremo new year 2006 will be a new and exciting way to celebrate this traditional festival. The new year will be born on the water. The sea will also be involved on the last evening of 2005. A great celebration of “madre acqua” which is so important for the ‘City of Flowers’.The party will last the whole night and will involve the sea,the fountains of the city, the gardens…. The Commune of Sanremo with the collaboration of the artistic director Pepimorgia, are organizing the event, down to the tiniest detail, to ensure the city enjoys a unique celebration.

The main natural amphitheatre for the party will be the bay of ‘Bagni Morgana’, and the stage will be the sea. At the stroke of midnight, fireworks will be set off to welcome in the new year. All evening long there will be things happening on the water involving such as games, spraying, acrobatics and water dances. The evening will continue in the centre of the city, in Piazza Colombo, where famous Italian musicians will join with residents and tourists alike to celebrate ‘the longest night of the year’.