<b>Lalla Romano in Sanremo</b>


Organised by the “Assessorato alla Promozione Turistica” and the Manifestazioni del Comune di Sanremo”, it will take place from 15/12/06 to 15/03/07. Another interesting exhibition – about the connection between painting and writing – a tribute to the Piemonte-born writer Romano, will take place at the Museo Civico of the Palazzo Borea d’Olmo, via Matteotti, Sanremo, from 18/11/06 to 07/01/07.

The exhibition is also a celebration of the anniversary of her birth, a hundred years ago ( Demonte ( CN ), 11/11/1906 ). It will be mainly about the relationship between the Liguria literature and its many writers ( Eugenio Montale, Francesco Biamonti, Italo Calvino, Mario Soldati, Giovanni Ermiglia, Friedrich Von Kleudgen).

Most of the material exposed comes from the Milan home of the writer , which has almost become a museum, containing thousands of books, documents, photographs, and other belongings of Lalla Romano.

They are all there to tell the story of both her carreer and her private life.

This exhibition is organised by the “Assessorato alla Cultura” , the Libraries and the Sanremo Council, together with the “Amici di Lella Romano” Association. Opening times: Tue. – Sat. 9am / Noon, Sun. 3pm/7pm, closed on Monday, 25th/26th December ’06 and January 1st ’07.

An exhibition about Painting & Sculpting, which includes work from David Hockney ( Incisions ), Francis Bacon ( Litography ) and Marc Mueller ( Sculpture ), will take place in the halls of the Castello della Lucertola, in Apricale, from Sun., Dec 10th 2006 to Sun., 4th March 2007 ( Tue. – Sat. 2pm/6pm, Sun. 10.30pm/Noon, closed on Monday ).