Sails in San Remo old port - Foto APT RdF


Sanremo, May 2009 

From May 2nd to the 10th the Piertomaso Tessitore Tournament, A.T.P. Challenger Series will be disputed at the Tennis Club of Sanremo. It’s an important competition considered as a chance to jump into stardom for all the young promises of International Tennis.

From May 23rd to the 24th there’s the 5th Gianni Cozzi Trophy with a course through the seaports of Western Liguria.
From May 29th to the 31st there will be the Antipolis Regatta, a competition that will take place between the Gulf of Antibes and Sanremo, organized with the collaboration of the Antibes Yacht Club.

Sunday, May 24th there will be the 10th Sanremo Olympic Triathlon. There will be athletes from all of Italy and Europe that will face three sport disciplines: swimming, bicycle riding and street running.

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