Hanbury Villa at La Mortola - Photo APT RdF


Ventimiglia, February 2010 

The Botanical Park of Villa Hanbury and the regional protected area will celebrate important achievements in 2010: 50 years of public administration of the park and 10 years from the creation of the regional protected area.

To give value to the historical, botanic and architectural treasure in the Mortola region there will be over 30 events throughout the year.

Sunday, January 31st at 10 AM there will be the presentation of the Nico Orengo Literature Prize.

Tuesday, February 9th at 10 AM “Mimosa, Mimosae…”, theme guided visit.

Wednesday, February 24th at 2 PM “Trip around the Tree”, theme guided visit.

Sunday, March 7th – Commemoration of Sir Thomas Hanbury.

Wednesday, March 10th at 2 PM “Hibernae Rosae”, theme guided visit.