Isolabona celebrates the Harpae’s decennial, the international harps festival, a dream and a big bet for this small center, who with big effort, tenacity and a little initiative was able to create one of the nicest exhibitions of of Imperia’s province summer.

During the years you could hear different music kinds through Isolabona’s streets, from classic to jazz, from celtic to new age, going through ethnic atmospheres.

In year 2006 Isolabona started “Isolabona, the Harps land” project, an important connotation that strongly binds the ligurian village to the harps.

Here the main appointments:

Thursday 13th July – h: 09.30 p.m. by Isolabona’s Antique oil – press, the Pisano Geliot pair will play: Huguette Geliot with the classic harp and Daniela Pisano with the flute. Free entry.

Thursday 20th July – h: 09.30 p.m. By the Doria’s Castle, Stella Farina with classic harp. Free entry.

Saturday 16th September – h: 09.30 p.m. by Isolabona’s Antique oil – press, Giuliana De Donno will play the paraguayan harp. Free entry.

Concerts for 10th HARPAE’s edition:

Thursday 27th July – h: 09.30 p.m. by the Doria’s Castle the Sargenti Vignudelli pair will play, classic harp and voice – Phil Holland, celtic harp – entry 15 €.

Friday 28th July – h: 09.30 p.m. by the Doria’s Castle – Desirèe dell’Amore, electrified celtic harp – Kathleene Loughnane and Cormac Cannon, celtic harp and CORNAMUSA – entry 15 €

Saturday 29th July – h: 09.30 p.m. in Noaro square – Alan Stivell, celtic harp – entry 20 €