<b>Stage of the San Remo Festival 2004</b> - Image RAI


Sanremo, March 2007. The cast selected for the 57th festival of the Canzone Italiana is a very important one. A runway of old and new artists who, like every year, will surely cause some controversy before, during and after the singing event.
They will perform on the Ariston stage between Feb 27th and 3rd March :

Albano Carrisi, partecipating with a track written by Renato Zero, Leda Battisti, Gianni and Marcella Bella, Fabio Concato, Simone Cristicchi, Johnny Dorelli, Roby Facchinetti from Pooh with his son Francesco, Amalia Grè, Mango, Piero Mazzocchetti, Paolo Meneguzzi, Milva – with a song composed by Giorgio Faletti – Nada, Antonella Ruggiero, Daniele Silvestri, Stadio, Tosca, Velvet, Zero Assoluto and Paolo Rossi singing an inedited track by Rino Gaetano.

As always, just before the beginning of the show, it’s a battle to find out who the national and international guests are going to be, everyone wonders what the audience will be like and whether the flowers of Sanremo will get the place they deserve….doubts, dreams and hopes chase each other, but among so many uncertainties, one truth still remains: Pippo Baudo. We trust he will do a great job at the Festival. As usual, the national Pippo will be protagonist, alongside the sparkly Michelle Hunziker and two Sicilian comedians Ficarra & Picone, who will add a surreal note to the Festival.