<b>San Remo Casino</b> - Photo APT RdF


Sanremo, autumn 2007.Having reached by this time its 27th edition, the season of the literary weekends at the Sanremo Casino is back. Hosted as usual by Ito Ruscigni, it holds emotional cultural surprises. In the following section are the days of the meetings and rendezvous:

Tuesday, October 16th: inside the “October Peace” manifestation, Francesco Gesualdi is presenting the book “The water merchant”, introduced by professor Dario Daniele.
Private Hall of the Casino, 4.30 PM.

Tuesday, October 23rd: the Honorable Claudio Scajola is presenting the volume “Italy’s boundaries. History and images of West Liguria”, introduced by professor Zecchi. A documentary will be shown as well.
Casino Theatre, 4,30 PM.

Tuesday, October 30th: Mauro Pesce will hold the conference “Enquiry on Jesus: what the Apocryphal and Judas Gospels have to say” and the presentation of the book “Enquiry on Jesus: who is the man that changed the world”, written by Mauro Pesce and Corrado Augias.
Private Hall of the Casino, 4,30 PM.

Tuesday, November 13th: Massimo Fini presents the book “Teenager story of an old age”.
Casino Theatre, 4.30 PM.

Tuesday, November 20th: Presentation of the book “Power and the Bed. Sexual history of Italy, from Mussolini to the second Showgirl inquiry” written by Filippo Ceccarelli.
Casino Theatre, 4.30 PM.

Tuesday, November 27th: Folco Quilici will introduce his last literary work “My seas. A life of adventure, encounters, discoveries”. A documentary made by Quilici, which is complementary with the book, will be shown. The introduction will be made by Piero Ottone.
Casino Theatre, 4.30 PM.

Tuesday, December 4th: conference of Mimmo Candito on “The new wars in the new international scenarios”, introduced by Giorgio Luzzi.
Casino Theatre, 4.30 PM.

Tuesday, December 11th: Stefano Zecchi will introduce the book “The right Son” a novel of a maternity.
Casino Theatre, 4.30 PM.