<b>San Remo Casino</b> - Photo APT RdF


Sanremo, February 2010 

New meetings with the beginning of 2010 for the traditional Literary Tuesdays of the Sanremo Casino. On Tuesday, January 19th there’s a great event with an important conference in collaboration with the International Humanitarian Law Institute and the Office of Tourism and Culture of the City of Sanremo where the meeting-debate “Human Laws and diplomacy between Geneva and Sanremo. The Italian and Swiss cooperation in Villa Ormond” will take place. The participants will be the Ambassador Boris Biancheri, the judge Ugo Genesio, the Ambassador Maurizio Moreno, the president of the International Humanitarian Law Institute, member of the committee Arianne Reverdin, the president of the Italian Red Cross Cornelio Sommaruga, the professor Anna Maria Teresa Verda Scajola, Art historian.

On Tuesday, January 26th Valerio Massimo Manfredi will introduce his latest work “La tomba di Alessandro. L’enigma” (the tomb of Alexander. The enigma).

On Tuesday, February 2nd Piero Ottone will present the book: “Italia mia” and Folco Quilici will show his work “Terre d’avventura” (lands of adventure) the Amazons, Sahara, Kalahari, Lapland, Congo, Melanesia. An inherent documentary will also be shown together with the illustrated works.

The Literary Tuesdays will start again on March 9th, after the break from the Italian Music Festival.