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From the 6th to the 8th of May “Rose in Esposizione” takes place at San Biagio della Cima (IM).The stars of this event are the wonderful roses which are cultivated in great numbers on the hillsides and in the countryside around San Biagio. The event is staged in the “Centro Culturale Polivalente, Le Rose”, where the major growers involved in the production of hybrid varietals display their wares. These include the principal varieties of roses under cultivation and the newest arrivals in the market both national and international. In the historic centre of the town there will be an exhibition of “art and traditions” which will be titled “Percorso delle Rose”. The exhibition will showcase the ways in which the town of San Biagio and the cultivation of the rose have long been intertwined. There will also be opportunities to view period costumes from the Ligurian hinterland. Further Information can be obtained from:

Comune di San Biagio della Cima
P.zza 4 Novembre
18036 San Biagio (IM) ITALY
Tel +39 0184 28.90.44 Fax +39 0184 28.96.00

In the month of May there will be a prestigious arts review staged in Badalucco (IM), in valle Argentina. The “Badalucco Art Festival” will present a succession of events mostly dedicated to modern and contemporary art and to the work of ceramic artists. There will also be exhibitions around the theme of the underground activities in the 16th century “Palazzo del Commune”, where a dedicated exposition space has been created for the occasion .