Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix - Photo ACM Monaco


Montecarlo, May 2008

Just like every year, there’s an increasing expectancy for the Monaco F1 Grand Prix, one of the most important and mundane events of the most famous Principality of the world.

The race will be on Sunday, May 25th, but for the whole weekend along the streets of Montecarlo there will be the magic and exciting pre-race climate, great automobile brands showing off their beauties, v.i.p. and sport stars, a great social whirl with luxury yachts, parties, lights, glamour joints… All of this inside the Monegasque atmosphere of the great occasions.

It’s a tough race that requires precision, tactics and cold blood, it unwinds itself on an extremely difficult course full of traps and extraordinary curves. But this is exactly the allure of the Grand Prix of May, the only one that takes place on a normal street course, which has become a tradition in world car racing.