A view of the Villa Nobel in San Remo - Photo APT


Sanremo, June 2009 

On the occasion of the centennial of the conferring of the Nobel Prize to Guglielmo Marconi Villa Nobel will host important meetings and events that will take place in the month of June.

From June 13th to the 28th in the rooms of Villa Nobel there will be an exhibit of rare and precious radio models of Marconi’s period accompanied by antiques and materials from Marconi’s life.

On Friday, June 19th for the “Nobel winners at Villa Nobel” review, the entire day will be dedicated to the illustrious Italian Scientist “Marconi and the Radio”. Here’s the following program for the day: 11 AM – meeting between the press and the authorities in the conference room of Villa Nobel; 4.30 PM – round table at the Opera Theatre of the Casino with the participation of Nobel Prize winners and scholars of Marconi’s universe.

On Saturday, June 20th in the rooms of Villa Nobel there will be a DX meeting with radio amateurs from all of Italy.

For more information, please visit the website www.arisanremo.it