<b>San Remo Carnations</b> - Photo UCFlor

The Festival of Flowers and the Flower Parade: Carnival in San Remo
25-27 January, 2008

For this weekend the Riviera dei Fiori (Flower Riviera) will be your very own spectacular bouquet with all the sweet smells and beautiful colours just for you!

Arrival in your hotel, dinner and overnight stay.
After dinner you may try your luck on the gaming tables of the San Remo Casino.

In the morning you may visit the Sanremo Festival of Flowers, at the Palafiori exhibition center, where you will find over 5,000 sq. metres of exhibition space where the best growers of the region all display their best creations.

At lunch time you may taste specialties of the Ligurian cuisine at a restaurant located in the city center.

In the afternoon you may continue your tour of beautiful “City of the Flowers”.
One of the most fascinating spot is “La Pigna” (the pine cone), the medieval city centre. This area was very close to the heart of famous writer Italo Calvino who often wrote about its beloved city. Even today “La Pigna” retains much of the feel of a medieval bourg, where the curious visitor will be able to find a “hidden” San Remo: a city of winding staircases and twisting alleyways, of arches and buttresses and of secluded and serene little squares.

At the very top is the “Madonna della Costa” (Lady of teh Coast) Sanctuary, protector of seafarers, which affords a spectacular panorama of the city.

Return to hotel, dinner and overnight stay.

In the late morning you will attend the traditional San Remo Flower Parade. At this spectacular event you will witness a whole series of decorated flower floats, each one bearing thousands of colourful flowers, which will enchant you. This truly is a day full of perfume and colour with the most beautiful flowers of the Riviera on display.

You are free to choose your own lunch spot. Departure after lunch.

This package can be tailor made to your desires.