Villa Zirio a Sanremo - Foto APT RdF

The “ORANGE BLOSSOM” of the Riviera

Celebrating your wedding in Sanremo means a union between your love and the colours and perfumes of this special place.

Where and When? The details of your civil ceremony.

In Sanremo, in the elegant celebration hall of Villa Zirio, you can arrange your civil marriage ceremony any Thursday (excluding local and national holidays) at 11.00 (office hours).

As an alternative you can choose the second Saturday of the month (excluding local and national holidays) at 11.00 (outside office hours)

Documentation required

Ø Your birth certificate translated and authenticated.

Ø A declaration from the relevant authority in your own country that, according to the law there is no impediment to your proposed marriage.(article 116 of the Italian civil code)

Ø General details, home addresses and professional details of the two witnesses.

Ø Before the ceremony you must sign the declaration required by “Ufficio di Stato
Civile” (this is required of all foreign people not registered as living in Italy – article
116 last subsection civil code and 106 of the R.D. 09/07/1939 n. 1238 ).

The requirements for the ceremony

Ø You need to present yourself, a minimum of three days before the date set for the ceremony, at the “Ufficio di Stato Civile” (via Martiri della Liberta 15 – tel.0184 – 592571, fax. 0184/502212 ) for the inspection of the documentation and to hand in the declaration mentioned above in point 4.

Ø You must have an interpreter with you for the declaration in point 4 and also in attendance at the marriage ceremony.