<b>Stage of the San Remo Festival 2004</b> - Image RAI


Sanremo, January 2010

The names of the participants to the 60th edition of the Italian Music Festival that will take place in Sanremo from the stage of the Ariston Theatre from February 16th to the 20th, 2010, which will be presented by Antonella Clerici have finally been revealed.

In the following lines we are reporting the names and the titles of the songs of the “Big” Category, meaning the artists that are already known to the majority of the public:

Morgan/La sera (The evening), Arisa/Ma l’amore no (But no, not love), Malika Ayane/Ricomincio da qui (I am starting again from here), Simone Cristicchi/Meno Male (Good Thing! An ironic song on Carla Bruni), Toto Cutugno/Aereoplani (Airplanes), Nino D’Angelo/Jammo J. , Irene Grandi/La cometa di Halley (Halley’s comet), Fabrizio Moro/Non è una canzone (This is not a song), Nomadi with Irene Fornaciari/Il mondo piange (The world is crying), Noemi/Per tutta la vita (For the rest of my life), Povia/La Verità (The truth. A song on Eluana Englaro), Pupo with Emanuele Filiberto and the Tenor Luca Canonici/Italia Amore Mio (Italy, my love), Enrico Ruggeri/La notte delle fate (The night of the fairies), Valerio Scanu/Un attimo con te (An instant with you), Sonhora/Baby, Marco Mengoni/TBA.

For the “Young” Category, the winners of the SanremoLab Academy, Romeus and Jacopo Ratini, will participate for sure.