Some great appointments in the City of flowers for summer season 2006, events from classical to modern music, to satisfy the great audience of tourists and local citizens who can listen to the big international music exhibitions.

The 19th July in Colombo’s square Buena Vista Social Club’s concert, moreover in Colombo’s square the 6th August Goran Bregovic will be playing. During the first days of August usual appointment with “Rock in the Casbah” in San Costanzo, in the heart of La Pigna, the 4th August the Baustelle will play and during the exhibit there will also be Stefano Piro, Datakill, Ratamauce, Duken and Matrioska, moreover the could also be the singer – composer Francesco De Gregori.

Very interesting will be the 10 days of Jazz (Sanremo in Jazz from the 18th to the 27th August 06), a great event to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the “Sanremo’s International Jazz Festival”, the most ancient afro – american exhibit in Europe.

The events proposed in these 10 days will go from the second edition of “Soundz” invented by Dada Goya, to the first edition of “Ligurian Soundz”, entirely dedicated to the Ligurian Jazz players to the 9th edition of “Zazzarazzaz”, the jazz song festival invented by Freddy Colt. The events will be moreover followed by a photografic exhibition and several jazz books presentations.

Sanremo’s Synphonic Orchestra will play twice: from 20th July at Villa Ormond, classical music, and from 10th July in the magnificent la Pigna’s old center, the second edition of “I confini nella musica”. From the 10th to the 12th July Villa Ormond’s Sanremo Music Festival will be held and the 16th July in Colombo square a show inspired to Fabrizio de André “A forza di essere vento”, and still in the central Colombo square the 28th and 29th July the Red Music Festival will take place, with Dayan Same and Blastema’s participation