Sanremo, Summer 2007. To celebrate 200 years since Garibaldi’s birth, the city of Sanremo has been organising different events to pay tribute to this famous public figure who helped bring Italy together.

From June 23rd to Sept. 22nd, an exhibition dedicated to Garibaldi,“Sanremo per Garibaldi”, will take place at the Civic Museum, displaying many relics linked to Garibaldi, given by Laurano and Gilli, which are treasured in the Matuziano Civic Museum.

Every Saturday, between July 14th and September 15th, there will be free guided tours: “Itinerari garibaldini a Sanremo”, starting off from the Museo Civico Palazzo Borea d’Olmo, Via Matteotti, at 5pm. The connection between Garibaldi and the city of flowers goes back a long time, when, in 1860, he accepted the honorary citizenship, given to him by the town mayor. Since then, he considered it his hometown. The person who fist taught him the basics about sailing was also from Sanremo ; captain Angelo Pesante embarked him on the “Costanza” when he was very young ( only 14 ), heading towards the Northern sea. In 1881, the year of his death, a group of people from Sanremo sent off all the papers necessary to build a monument in his honour. It was inaugurated in 1908, by Leonardo Bistolfi and it is still on display today in hte beautiful gardens of Corso Imperatrice.