<b>San Remo, Flower Parade</b>


Sanremo, January 2009 

The theme for the 2009 edition of the Flower Parade of Sanremo will be “Television”. The parade of the classic flower wagons will take place on Sunday, January 25th.

It’s one of the fixed appointments in the calendar of the events of the city of Sanremo, second in importance only to the Italian music Festival.

It’s an event that is able to bring up to 60.000 people towards the city of Flowers along the course to admire the art pieces made only with flowers cultivated in Sanremo and available in the middle of Winter!

The route on which the competing wagons from the 12 surrounding city halls will perform will be the same of 2008, such as the ring consisting in Piazzale Dapporto, Lungomare Calvino, giardini Vittorio Veneto, via Bixio, Zampillo, via Roma and Piazza Cesare Battisti. It will be necessary to evaluate how the road work for the bicycle route between the Morgana, Porto Vecchio and the old train station will develop.

The stands will be built on Piazzale Carlo Dapporto and the Lungomare Italo Calvino. The tour buses arriving to Sanremo will find a parking place in Pian di Poma (towards east) and the Flower Market of the Armea Valley (towards west). In these places car parking will also be available.

There will be many side events to the Flower Parade, some of which are still being planned, in a program that will last from the Epiphany to the Italian music Festival, almost an entire month dedicated to the flowers of Sanremo.

For more information, please visit the website. www.sanremoinfiore.it