<b>The Festa della Musica in San Remo</b>


Sanremo, June 2007. For the third year, the town of music, Sanremo, will celebrate, like many other Italian cities and European capitals, the first days of Summer with a large number of events which will take place in the cities’ squares and other locations.
From Thu. 21st June, this eventful sites will be Piazza Colombo, Piazza San Siro, Piazzale Carlo Dapporto, Porto Vecchio, via Roma, via Matteotti...etc.

Music which is meant as the universal language of togetherness and friendship, a way to communicate that goes beyond all cultural, racial and nationality differences.

There will be many concerts, from classical music, to jazz, pop, sound, rock, percussions…..shows along the towns’ streets, related exhibitions, concept shop windows, restaurant menus dedicated to the seven notes and many other events linked to the world of music.

The Sanremo clubs will host many musicians and there certainly will be music for both children and adults.

The big Notte in Musica will take place on Sat. 23rd June. Not to be missed, it’s a great way to experience the Sanremo nightlife, with soothing melodies drifting through the streets and squares of Sanremo.

Programma :

21st June: Piazza Colombo a aprtire dalle ore 18.00 Serata dedicata a SanremoLab
dalle 22.30 Giovanni Baglioni in “Contemporaneo”.
ore 21.00 Chiesa di Santo Stefano Orchestra Sinfonica di Sanremo Concerto di Musica Classica.
dalle 20.30 vie e piazze cittadine, concerto itinerante della Banda Città di Sanremo.
ore 21.00 Piazza San Siro Franco Bernuzzi

22nd June:

Piazza Colombo ore 21.00 “la Notte dei Grandi Tributi”
Piazza S.Brigida dalle 20.00 all’1.00 SanremoLive

23rd June: Notte della Musica

Piazza S.Brigida dalle 20 alle 2 SanremoLive
dalle 21 Banda Canta & Sciuscia itinerante per la città,
Piazza Colombo dalle 23 circa Simone Cristicchi in Concerto
Piazza San Siro dalle 21.00 concerto Musica Gospel.

24th June: Piazza San Siro dalle 20.30 alle 24.00 Festa dei Popoli – Musica Etnica.