Sanremo, summer 2009

From July 2nd to August 20th each Thursday at 9.30 PM there will be an appointment with the Sanremo Symphonic Orchestra. The concerts will take place at Villa Ormond.

From July 5th to August 30th each Sunday there’s an appointment with the 3rd edition of the Baroque Music Festival, for the 2009 edition there will be groups and Solos of various genres that will have Baroque Music as a common theme.

On August 14th there’s the traditional appointment with the fireworks on the Porto Vecchio of Sanremo, music and shows to celebrate the heart of the Sanremo’s summer.

During the days of August 17th and 18th there’s great expectancy for the International Jazz Festival of Sanremo, a historical appointment that boasts the record of the most ancient Italian Jazz Festival.

From August 21st to the 30th there’s an appointment at the Flower Market in the Armea Valley for the Market Craftsmanship Exhibition MOAC, a review that hosts artisans and producers from all the world.