San Remo Synphonic Orchestra - Photo Fondazione


Sanremo, February 2010 

There are many meetings with the prestigious Symphonic Orchestra of Sanremo for this year:

Friday, January 29th – For the 2010 Symphonic season “Young Soloists of the Italian Conservatories”, at the Teatro Comunale of Ventimiglia at 9.15 PM, music: W.A. Mozart, F. Chopin, M. Ravel, S. Prokoviev, M. Balakirev – Piano: Edoardo Barsotti.

Sunday, January 31st – The concert will take place at the Casino Opera Theatre of Sanremo at 4.30 PM.

Thursday, February 4th – At the Centrale Theatre of Sanremo at 4.30 PM “Dance Madness”, concert in collaboration with the Suzuki Talent Center Academy of Turin. Music, dances and texts taken from the Carnival of Rome, Bologna and Venice. Marches and songs of the Carnival of Ivrea. Directors: Lee and Antonio Mosca.

Thursday, February 11th 2010 – For the 2010 Symphonic season “Il Mondo nuovo” (the new world), at the Centrale Theatre of Sanremo at 4.30 PM, music: the “Orchestra da Tre Soldi”, K. Weill, H. Villa Lobos, A. Ribeiro. The Orchestra da Tre Soldi is formed by the musicians: Rossana Landi (voice), Gianni Gilli (clarinet and bass clarinet), Matteo Castellan (accordion), Massimiliano Gilli (violin), Paola Secci (cello), Paolo Grappeggia (contrabass) and Pietro Ballestrero (guitar).

Sunday, February 28th – Jean Wiener and his concert, at the Casino Opera Theatre at 4.30 PM, music: J. Wiener, W.A. Mozart.
Piano: Ilia Kim. Director: Michele Nitti.

We are reminding the event on each Sunday from January 10, 2010 to February 28th, 2010 with the “Concerto Aperitivo”, a classical music concert offered by the Sanremo Symphonic Orchestra each Sunday Morning at the entrance of Palazzo Borea D’Olmo in Via Matteotti.