Sanremo, February 2008

The city of Sanremo just like every year will accompany the Festival by organizing events, meetings, concerts and exhibits open to everyone and to every audience.

There are several musical meetings preventively organized in Piazza Colombo. On Saturday, February 23rd there’s a concert dedicated to young people, on Wednesday 27th Enrico Ruggeri (Still to be confirmed) might show up during the evening of suspension of the Festival in order to show the Champions League soccer match on TV. The afternoon of Sunday, March 2nd will be entirely dedicated to Evergreens.

From February 28th to May 5th it will be possible to visit at the Palafiori of Corso Garibaldi the exhibit “Come Sanremo” Una storia a colori per 50 anni di Festival (“Just like Sanremo” a color history for 50 years of Festival). It’s a chance to look back to the past and discover how Italy and Italians have changed through time.

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