San Remo Golf Country Club - Photo APT RdF


Sanremo, September 2008 

Great summer’s end sport events in Sanremo. From August 27th to September 1st at the city stadium of Corso Mazzini there will be the 51st International Kids Tournament.

An unforgettable appointment for young golfers it surely is the “Mickey Mouse Trophy” during the days of September 4th and 5th at the “Gli Ulivi” Golf Club of Sanremo.

From September 6th to the 9th on the sea space of the Sanremo sea Gulf there will be the “Matuzia Cup” sailing competition.
On Sunday, September 7th the track racing lovers will enjoy the Sanremo stage of the “Gazzetta run” Trophy, on the Lungomare Italo Calvino.

From September 26th to the 28th at the Flower Market of the Armea Valley the 24th International Women’s Volleyball Tournament will take place.