Taggia, February 2010 

It’s a tradition that is renovated every year with the same enthusiasm and will always do better in accuracy, spectacularity and historical faithfulness.

The popular celebration of Saint Benedict Revelli has become throughout the years one of the most important Italian historical reconstructions, which has become part of the prestigious calendar of the Italian Historical Games.

The month of February 2010 introduces the events for the 30th anniversary of a celebration that has become one of the main pillars on which the calendar of the events of the City of Taggia is based upon.

It will all start on Saturday, February 13th . During the night there will be a great reconstruction in the streets and the squares of the historical district with the bonfires that remind the miracle of Saint Benedict that centuries ago made the city of Taggia appear like already razed to the eyes of a fleet of pirate ships that docked on the coast to depredate the city.

On Sunday, February 21st along the main streets there will be the magnificent Saint Benedict Fair, with many products being sold that will last for the entire day.

On Saturday, February 27th from 8 AM to 7 PM there will be a Medieval market along the main streets. In the afternoon at the equestrian field in the San Martino region the reconstruction of the Great Battle will take place. Afterwards, there will be a White Night until midnight along the city streets.

On Sunday, February 28th from 10 AM there will be a 17th Century Historical reconstruction with everyday life and the reconstruction of historical events among all the neighborhoods of the historical district. From 4 PM there will be the exhibition of the historical reconstruction groups and afterwards a Historical Parade with the grand finale prize ceremony in Piazza Cavour.