The San Benedetto historical revival in Taggia - P


Taggia, February 2008.

Great expectancy for the magnificent historical reconstruction that for almost thirty years takes place in the city of Taggia for the celebrations in honor of San Benedetto.

The last weekend of February (Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th) will see the historical district of the city change into a village of the year 1625.

On Saturday from 10 AM along the streets of the city (Piazza Eroi Taggesi, via Mazzini and Piazza IV Novembre) a historical market with handmade productswill open and will go on throughout the day.

In the afternoon (3.30 PM) by the horse stables of San Martino in Taggia there will be the historical reconstruction of the Great Battle of 1625 between the Dukedom of Savoia and the Republic of Genoa with the participation of eight groups in costume.

In the evening in Piazza Reghezza there’s another historical reconstruction with the representation of a typical military camp of the 15th century along with chants, dances and “furgari” for the occasion.

On Sunday 24th from 10 AM in many quarters of the city there are several settings with scenes and episodes of everyday life of the 15th century and in the afternoon starting from 4 PM a parade of nobles, knights and people will unwind itself through the historical center with its more than 500 extras and that has become throughout time one of the most important historical parades of Italy with great accuracy in the truthfulness of the reconstruction.

From 5.30 PM prize ceremony for the best groups examined every year by a chosen jury that includes researches and professors coming from the most prestigious Italian universities.