National Acrobatic Patrol


Sanremo, September 2008 

On Sunday, September 21st from 2 PM there will be the Sanremo Air Show, an incredible, spectacular exhibition of the Frecce Tricolori that will circle over the sea of the City of Flowers and that can be admired at their best from the Lungomare Dapporto.

The national acrobatic patrol, formed by the best available pilots, has been founded in 1961 and since then it is constituted by nine aircrafts plus a soloist.

It is the acrobatic team that holds the most elements in the world and one of the most prestigious, pride of the Italian Military Airforce.

The show will start at 5 PM and on the sky above Sanremo the most famous figures created by the Patrol will be seen, such as the left diamond toneaux, the tri-colored heart rejoining and the bomb spread.

It is going to be a breathtaking show with the sky and sea of the City of Flowers.

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