Ancient oil press machine - Photo Antico Frantoio

Ranzo, March 2007The 5th edition of the “festa dell’olio nuovo” will take place from Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th March in Ranzo, the intherland of Imperia.

It’s a great event, attached to the past and the discovery of old traditions about oil production in the Imperia’s valleys. It offers a great variety of events to satisfy even the most curious and demanding turist and it is organised by the Comune di Ranzo, together with the Comunità Montana Altavalle Arroscia and the Chamber of Commerce of Imperia. Guided tours around the above areas will be available, here you’ll learn how the yellow gold of the Liguria Riviera is made, you’ll be able to have a taste of the delicious dressing, together with local dishes of the Valle and specialties from Liguria. The wine and food event’s main goal is to spread knowledge about oil production on different levels; its history, the culture of the land where it’s produced, without overlooking its other purposes, such as homeopathy and cosmetics. Gastronomic nights, organised in local resturants will entertain the greediest and the many tasting laboratories are there to experiment with different tastes and matches. Debates, conferences, meetings, cooking courses, painting competitions will all take place, all in connection with oil !

The village or Ranzo is used to this tradition which promotes an important part of the Valle Arroscia economy allowing everyone to get to know a precious and healthy dressing like the extravirgin oil of the Liguria Riviera.