<b>San Remo Casino</b> - Photo APT RdF


The new Season of the Literary Tuesdays has taken off at the Teatro dell’Opera of the Town Hall Casino of Sanremo. Co-ordinated by Ito Ruscigni, they have been defining for over twenty years a precise cultural path which always encourages the vast audience to take over cultural subjects which are largely known, like the ones in the 2006 edition which are going to be about peace, human rights, the comparison between Eastern/Western and Christian/Islamic societies, the non-violence.

Below is a list of the upcoming events :

Tuesday, Nov. 7th ’06 the vice president of the Corriere della Sera, Magdi Allam, will present his new book “Io amo l’Italia. Ma gli italiani la amano?”

Tuesday, Nov. 14th ’06 National premiere of Arrigo Petacco speaking about the book :”Viva la muerte. Storia della guerra civile spagnola 1936-39”.

Tuesday, Nov. 21st ’06 Giorgio Montefoschi with the book :”L’idea di perderti”.
Tuesday Nov. 28th ’06 National premiere of the presentation of “Noi moriamo a Stalingrado” by Alfio Caruso.

Tuesday, Dec. 5th ’06 it’s Mario Ascheri’s turn, with the book “La città – stato”, introduced by Ernesto Galli della Loggia.

Tuesday, Dec. 12th ’06 Predrag Matvejevic with the book “Mondo ex e tempo del dopo. Identità, ideologie, nazioni nell’una e nell’altra Europa”.

Tuesday, Dec. 17th ’06 Khaled Fouad Allam, the Algerian writer will talk about his book “La solitudine dell’Occidente. Non scontro di civiltà ma incontro”.

Each event will start at 4.30pm, free entrance ( depending on seating availability ).