From 14th July untill 13th August 2006 the XXIII edition of Villa Faraldi’s Festival will be held, the 14th July there will be a preview, almost a twinship with the XX edition of “The show is the hinterland”, a rich exhibition of events and manifestations attended by Imperia’s province, for this occasion concert Aida Cooper & The Nite Life (the show will take place at Riva Faraldi). The show evenings will be five and will all start at 10.00 p.m. and by the end of the evening a pleasant surprise with tasting of vines a tipical products. Villa Faraldi with its roads, its squares, its historic artistic places, becomes the ideal stage, where the greatest international artists, play during the summer nights.

The second evening will be on Saturday 22nd July and there will be the performance of Teatro Cabaret directed by Enzo Jannacci, to whom will moreover be given the prize for the career of Villa Faraldi’s Festival. During the same evening the pair Bove and Limardi and Osvaldo Ardenghi will play. (the show will take place in Villa Faraldi).

The third evening Sunday 30th July there will be a concert of New Trolls…il Mito. The show at h:10.00 p.m. at Riva Faraldi.

Thursday 11th August, fourth evening at the Theater with Massimo Bagliani extracted from Enrico Vaime “Devo fare Musical”, directed by Mattia Sbragia (the show will be in Deglio Faraldi).

The fifth and last evening Sunday 13th August, Voices from the World, about music and interpratations of different cultures and traditions. There will be an introduction with folk music from poetry to reggae, with the Barmagrande, exhibition of the Vocal Sisters too.( the show will be in Tovo Faraldi).

The first evening the entry is free, the tickets can only be bought at the cash. It is even possible to reserve them by phone either at the 333-2247257 or at 333-3027111. All the shows will start at 10.00 p.m. We suggest you to be there around 09.30 p.m. At the end of every evening there will be a tasting of local products and tipical vines.

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