Il mare della Riviera dei Fiori - Foto APT RdF

A must for all surfers and all those who love regattas, boards and waves is to be found at the “Spiaggia d’Oro”, Imperia where, for 4 days, the atmosphere will have a Californian or New Zealand feel. These” mythical” surfing lands will be recreated at “Windfestival” where the latest innovations will be on display to all those who practice these sports, but also to all those who love the sea, the wind and the great outdoors.

The festival of wind will transform Imperia into the capital of all those sports which make use of the potency of wind, Windsurf, Kitesurf, Wakesurf…….From the 22nd to the 25th of April three different sporting competitions are set to develop: SKY CAPTAIN, a kitesurf contest, SUPER X, a super cross windsurf event and, finally HH REGATTA, a regatta for diverse classes of yachts.

The Imperian show will draw to a spectacular close with a firework display which will light up the night sky of “Windfestival”. May the wind blow well for everybody!