Triora's Witches - Image Comune di Triora


Triora, May 2010 

During the weekend from May 7th to the 9th in Triora there will be the National Congress on Witchcraft and Landscapes.

The congress will begin on Friday 7th at 5.30 PM, with interventions by Ippolito Edmondo Ferrario and Gianluca Padovan, as well as other scholars. There will also be night excursions along the streets of Triora stopping by some of the most suggestive and mysterious places.

The congress will also be a chance to introduce the results of the studies and researches made on field by a group of speleologists, architects, radio diviners and teachers of the Politecnico of Milan.

The conclusion will be on May 9th at 11 AM with a round table with the theme: “The Dianas and the return to Matriarchy”.

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