Festival della Canzone Italiana 2007 -  disegno di Lele Luzzati


The Sanremo Festival 2007, from February 27th to march 3rd, will be hosted, for the eleventh time, by Pippo Baudo. It’s a guarantee of professionalism as well as innovation…since there will be many news for this fiftyseventh edition of the Festival.

The first good news is…the elimination process will be eliminated ! This means that all the singers will make it to the last evening, and the categories will also be a thing of the past, after creating so much controversy in the past editions.

There will only be a divide between the “Big” and the “Young Artists”. The Dopofestival will make its big comeback. Word has it that it will be carried out by the terrible and biting Piero Chiambretti. The bubbly Michelle Hunziker will be presenting next to Pippo.

Who knows, the pre-production team and organisers may be thinking about some new tricks to get an even bigger audience than past editions. The many changes and news suggested by Baudo will surely increase the viewers’ curiosity.

As far as international guests are concerned, there is a shortlist that as usual will be confirmed only at the last minute. Johnny Depp may be one of the guests…

There will also be many Italian and international super guests, such as Renato Zero, Tiziano Ferro, Umberto Tozzi; Laura Pausini, Zucchero, Claudio Baglioni…

We can only wait the end of February and see the stage curtain lift on a new edition of the Sanremo Festival to discover all of its novelties.